An update

The last few weeks have been busy. I travelled down to Kingsbridge in England for my grans funeral. My father's side of the family all live down there and we would go to Devon each year for our family holiday. It was good to be back "home".

I forgot how beautiful it is. Very peaceful, very laid back.

Sun Dogs and I got a good bit of studio time in for some gigs we were playing. We managed to bash our this crude recording of our live set, with the help of our pal and excellent drummer Gordon Duncan Jr. :


Aside from working, gigging and travelling, I've been putting in a good bit of music listening. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Nicholas Szczepanik - Please Stop Loving Me


A wonderful drone record that was released last year. It reminds me of Celer. Very beautiful but it holds a deep undertone of sadness and upset throughout the whole single track nearing the 50 minute mark.

Markus Mehr - On


Samples, field recordings, ambience and distorted drones. Markus Mehr is making some exciting sound art of late. Highly recommended stuff. Again, very beautiful music. On is the second of three albums in a set trilogy by Markus Mehr.


Phys Mem - 18/04/2012


Our last show, which we had to sadly cut short, featured new material from En and Mike Shiflet as well as a whole bunch of other delights like Alva Noto's Xerrox Vol. 2, Andy Stott and Nils Frahm.

Go have a little listen.

VA - April Mixtape 2012 - Ambient (compiled by Sleep Cycles)

01. Sparkling Wide Pressure - Looking To Remember
02. Eluvium - All The Sails
03. John Chantler - Untitled 4
04. Radiant Husk - Natoma St.
05. Skyramps - Dripping Water Hollows Out A Stone
06. David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette - In His Ghostly Heart
07. Pulse Emitter - Pangaea
08. Burning Star Core & Prurient - Gambling Addiction
09. Nate Young - Collapse
10. The Caretaker - Approaching the Outer Limits of Our Solar System
11. Bas van Huizen - Startersfarce
12. Secret Abuse - Futility
13. Stars Of The Lid - Goodnight

"This one starts on the nicer side of things and has a pretty sinister, eerie, nighttime-y kind of end to it. I included a little more noise and weirdness. A bit of contrast never hurt anyone! Hope you all enjoy. Happy droning." - Sleep Cycles



Physical Memory back on the air.


After a year long hiatus, Phys Mem returns to Subcity. We're on air every two weeks, Tuesday nights Midnight until 2am.

This is our first show back in a looooooong time. This time we have a new set up: Charlie on the laptop, and I take to the decks for vinyl only. We're still putting a major focus on Ambient, Drone, experimental electronics and all that good, weird stuff.

Track list from last night is listed on the episode page.

Sleep Cycles


VA - March Mixtape 2012 - Ambient (compiled by Sleep Cycles)

01. SleepResearch_Facility - 79°S 83°W
02. Boards of Canada - Head from Telegraph Line
03. Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 - You'll Never Know
04. Nest - The Helwick
05. Belong - Vowel
06. Barn Owl & Infinite String Ensemble - Levitation
07. Pygmy Lush - Red Room Blues
08. Keith Berry - You Left Me Behind - But I Can Swim.
09. Higuma - Crystal Harvest
10. Mist - Untitled
11. Sundrips - Just A Glimpse
12. Alexander Turnquist - The REM Cycle - Dream Phase

"March transmission. Happy droning!" - Sleep Cycles



VA - February Mixtape 2012 - Ambient (compiled by Sleep Cycles)

01.  Celer - Anticline Rests; Inertia Brace Yourself
02.  36 - The Box (Closed Mix)
03.  Sean McCann - Aerial Saphire Show
04.  En - Polaris (the Celestial Arc)
05.  The World On Higher Downs - Her Static Will
06.  Pale Blue Sky - Interlude (Drift)
07.  Father - Dyatlov Pass
08.  Marble Sky - Bell Ringing Softly
09.  Alva Noto - Phaser Acat 1
10.  Sawako - Wind Shower Particle
11.  Jannick Schou - My Life, Grainy
12.  Lee Noble - Powers Of Ten
13.  Kevin Hufnagel - Early Light
14.  Sam Goldberg - White Out
15.  Infinite Body - Drive Dreams Away

"A mixtape for February. It is sort of grey and constantly miserable around this time of the year. The dark is still longer than the few hours of sunlight that we get to see yet you know that it will get lighter and warmer and brighter as each day passes. That is sort of the theme I went for with this mixtape. Lots of gloomy with a shy bit of hope creeping through. I love each and every track. Enjoy!" - Sleep Cycles