SEQUENCE5 - Free compilation from Futuresequence

Futuresequence has a series of compilations showcasing great ambient, drone and experimental electronic music from a wide array of artists, some you may know already and others you certainly may not know yet. SEQUENCE5 was released at the tail end of last year and they were kind enough to include a track of mine n3122.

Click image for link to Bandcamp page (FREE download in FLAC, LAME V0, 320CBR etc).

Yes, that is correct. 42 tracks entirely for FREE. Some excellent names in there and a lot to look out for. Moon Zero has an EP titled 'Tombs' and that should be dropping on Futuresequence at the end of the month. Keep an eye out for that one.

-Sleep Cycles


My Favourite Records - 2012 Edition

Firstly, let me say that 2012 was an incredible year for music.  The volume of exceptional records put out by so many great labels during the year was almost innumerable, and picking a top however many albums isn't the easiest job in the World with that in mind. To tell you the truth, I've been putting it off for a month now and to keep it simple, I decided to limit my list to a Top 10 and then supplement that list with another list [of Honourable Mentions]. Here goes:

Top 10

01. Taylor Deupree - Faint [12k]

02. High Aura'd - Sanguine Futures [Bathetic]

03. Lee Gamble - Diversions 1994-1996 [PAN]

04. Bee Mask - Vaporware/Scanops [Room40]

05. Brambles - Charcoal [Serein]

06. Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - Vanity Fair [Recital]

07. Recondite - On Acid [Acid Test]

08. Billow Observatory - Billow Observatory [felte]

09. En/Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - Blood Split [Constellation Tatsu]

10. Ian Hawgood - The Shattered Light [Koen Music]

Honourable Mentions

Here is just a brief (but very excellent) selection of the remainder of my favourite albums from the year just passed. No particular order here (also no formatting). Everyone understands how Google works by now anyways...

Christoph Berg - Paraphrases*
Black Elk - Sparks
Ricardo Donoso - Assimilating The Shadow
Pye Corner Audio - Sleep Games
Gabriel Saloman - Adhere
Drape - An Idea And Its Map
Wolf Maps - Landforms
Kyle Bobby Dunn - Bring Me The Head Of Kyle Bobby Dunn
Rain Drinkers - Yesodic Helices
Pulse Emitter - Aeons
Simon Scott - Below Sea Level
Troy Schafer - Evening Song Awaken
Shed - The Killer
Celer - Without Retrospect, The Morning
Hakobune - All the Other Hearts I Knew
Offthesky and Man Watching The Stars – Afar, Farewell
Willamette – Always In Postscript
Sparkling Wide Pressure – Grandfather Harmonic
Vikki Jackman - A Paper Doll's Whisper of Spring
Ex Confusion - Embrace
Jason Lescalleet - Songs About Nothing
SaffronKeira - A New Life

*Christoph Berg - Paraphrases gets the prestigious Sleep Cycles "Best Artwork And Packaging 2012" award. So satisfying. Facture always does a wonderful job.

-Sleep Cycles