An update

The last few weeks have been busy. I travelled down to Kingsbridge in England for my grans funeral. My father's side of the family all live down there and we would go to Devon each year for our family holiday. It was good to be back "home".

I forgot how beautiful it is. Very peaceful, very laid back.

Sun Dogs and I got a good bit of studio time in for some gigs we were playing. We managed to bash our this crude recording of our live set, with the help of our pal and excellent drummer Gordon Duncan Jr. :


Aside from working, gigging and travelling, I've been putting in a good bit of music listening. Here are a couple of recommendations:

Nicholas Szczepanik - Please Stop Loving Me


A wonderful drone record that was released last year. It reminds me of Celer. Very beautiful but it holds a deep undertone of sadness and upset throughout the whole single track nearing the 50 minute mark.

Markus Mehr - On


Samples, field recordings, ambience and distorted drones. Markus Mehr is making some exciting sound art of late. Highly recommended stuff. Again, very beautiful music. On is the second of three albums in a set trilogy by Markus Mehr.

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