VA - February Mixtape 2012 - Ambient (compiled by Sleep Cycles)

01.  Celer - Anticline Rests; Inertia Brace Yourself
02.  36 - The Box (Closed Mix)
03.  Sean McCann - Aerial Saphire Show
04.  En - Polaris (the Celestial Arc)
05.  The World On Higher Downs - Her Static Will
06.  Pale Blue Sky - Interlude (Drift)
07.  Father - Dyatlov Pass
08.  Marble Sky - Bell Ringing Softly
09.  Alva Noto - Phaser Acat 1
10.  Sawako - Wind Shower Particle
11.  Jannick Schou - My Life, Grainy
12.  Lee Noble - Powers Of Ten
13.  Kevin Hufnagel - Early Light
14.  Sam Goldberg - White Out
15.  Infinite Body - Drive Dreams Away

"A mixtape for February. It is sort of grey and constantly miserable around this time of the year. The dark is still longer than the few hours of sunlight that we get to see yet you know that it will get lighter and warmer and brighter as each day passes. That is sort of the theme I went for with this mixtape. Lots of gloomy with a shy bit of hope creeping through. I love each and every track. Enjoy!" - Sleep Cycles


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